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1905 Moose Factory Métis Petition

After being excluded from Treaty 9, a group of Métis at Moose Factory petitioned that they “have been born & brought up in the country... ” and should therefore receive, “that scrip has been granted to the Halfbreeds of the North West Territory,” with whom they felt a shared history and circumstance.

The 1905 Moose Factory Métis scrip petitioners included Andrew Morrison, brothers George and William McLeod, William Moore, and William Archibald. Describing themselves as “Halfbreeds,” the petitioners represented a larger group, including “various absentees at Charlton and on H.B.C.vessels.”

Looking at their connections to each other, and to other families in the Abitibi Inland and western James Bay regions provides insights into the larger and deeply interconnected kinscapes of this Métis community.

Although the Ontario Government recognized the 1905 Moose Factory Métis petitioners' claims on paper, there is no evidence that their requests for scrip were ever met. Despite this, petitioners like William Moore and William McLeod continued to live and work in Moose Factory until their old age, leaving behind a proud legacy for future generations.

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