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Anishinabek Nation Celebrates MNO Harvesting Agreement

In 2004, Deputy Grand Chief of the Anishinabek Nation, Nelson Toulouse attended the MNO’s Annual General Assembly in Thunder Bay to share the Anishinabek Nation’s congratulations on the signing of the MNO’s interim Harvesting Agreement with the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources.

During his remarks, the Deputy Grand Chief spoke to the history-making nature of the MNO’s interim Harvesting Agreement—the first negotiated agreement of its kind signed by any Métis Government within the Métis Homeland—and commended the Ontario government for “finally allowing justice to happen”.

He also spoke to the generations of relationship between the Métis and Anishinabek Nations, and called their further formalization, “a really good thing”.

Listen to the Deputy Grand Chief’s full remarks in this short embedded video.


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