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Nicolas Chatelaine’s Métis Scrip Application

In 1878, Métis Leader Nicolas Chatelaine applied for scrip in St. Vital, Manitoba. Chatelaine had previously led the Métis community in Northwestern Ontario in signing the Half-Breed Adhesion to Treaty No. 3.

On his application, Chatelaine stated he had received "promisses [sic] from the officers of the government that I was to get my scrip at Fort Francis with many other people of that locality.”

While many ancestors of today’s Northwestern Ontario Métis Community applied for scrip, they were often denied because of their residence in Ontario and confusion over the border between Ontario, the Northwest Territories, and Manitoba, which was not formally confirmed by the Crown until 1884.

However, some were successful in receiving it. For example, Nicolas Chatelaine’s children, Narcisse and Marie Anne, had successfully applied for Métis Scrip in Manitoba, having moved to Red River in 1870.

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