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President Chartier Calls MNO Harvesting Agreement “A Great Day”

In 2004, then Métis National Council (MNC) President, Clement Chartier delivered remarks to the MNO’s Annual General Assembly in Thunder Bay on behalf of the MNC!

During that AGA, the MNO announced the signing of its interim Harvesting Agreement with the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources—the first negotiated agreement of its kind signed by any Métis Government within the Métis Homeland.

In his remarks, President Chartier explained the Agreement’s significance for the broader Métis Nation, stating: “Today we’ve seen in this province a shift in policy… I believe it will set a solid foundation—for not only you—but for the rest of the Métis throughout the Homeland to begin negotiating our rightful place...”

He also shared his pleasure in watching the Métis movement grow within Ontario and praised MNO’s leadership and citizens, without whom, “we wouldn’t be at the stage we are today.”

Watch President Chartier’s full remarks in this short embedded video.


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