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The Killarney Historic Métis Community

Like the Georgian Bay Métis Community, the families that make up the Killarney Historic Métis Community are part of the Upper Great Lakes Métis.

Killarney is a small community situated at the entrance of the North Channel on the northeast side of Georgian Bay. Originally known as “Sheboananing”, meaning “a narrow strait,” Killarney was an access point for fur traders into the Upper Great Lakes.

Though small, the village was an important part of the Upper Great Lakes Métis community and served as a middle point between two of its largest communities, Penetanguishene and Sault Ste. Marie.

The village was established in 1820 by the Lamorandiere family, who moved from Drummond Island to open a trading post. The Lamorandieres were later joined by other Métis families and a small Métis community formed, which shared close relationships with Métis across the Upper Great Lakes, including the neighbouring Métis communities of Georgian Bay and Sault Ste. Marie.

As more families joined the Lamorandieres, tiny Killarney flourished as a small Métis village.

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